What Types Of Bets Will Be Allowed With Louisiana Online Sports Betting?

Two months ago, Louisiana announced that retail sportsbooks can legally operate and accept bets in the Bayou State. The announcement was just a precursor for what is to come as it pertains to online sports betting in Louisiana. While there is no official word when the first sportsbook will be live in the state, many expect it to be any day now and potentially just in time for the last two rounds of the NFL Playoffs. 

With that said, we’re here to get you primed and ready ahead of the official launch of online sportsbooks in Louisiana. Check out our guide on the types of sports bets you can expect on sportsbook apps in Louisiana.

What types of sports bets will be available with Louisiana online sports betting?

Despite not yet being given the green light to launch by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, several major mobile sportsbooks have been actively preparing for the official launch of online sports betting in Louisiana. They include big-name sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM.

Quite frankly, each of these sportsbooks is a lot alike. They will undoubtedly offer new players a welcome bonus to help them get their betting account started. In fact, sportsbooks are allowing Louisiana residents to pre-register and claim a special welcome bonus ahead of their formal launch. 

In addition to their marketing tactics, sportsbooks in Louisiana are expected to be similar when it comes to the types of sports bets they will offer. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect on sportsbook apps in Louisiana.

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Standard Game Lines: ATS, O/U, ML

Without a doubt each sportsbook in Louisiana will classic straight sports betting wagers such as moneyline bets, against the spread bets, and over/under (or totals) bets for each major sporting event. The specifics of these wagers depend on the actual sport. For example, the spread in baseball is referred to as the run line, and over/under in MMA refers to the number of rounds a fight will last. 

Nevertheless, these classic wager types are staples of any sportsbook (retail or online) and bettors in Louisiana will soon be able to easily place bets on these standard bet types from the convenience of their own home via licensed and secure sportsbook apps.

Futures Bets

Future bets are another bet type that residents of Louisiana can expect to find on online sportsbooks. Futures are bets placed on an event that has yet to happen. Some of the more common future bets include bets on Super Bowl winners, league championship winners, over/under season win totals, and/or outcomes of major sports tournaments such as the Champions League soccer tournament in Europe. 

If Louisiana launches online sports betting before February, residents may have enough time to place a future bet on the Super Bowl, which takes place on Feb. 13.

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Prop Bets

Another bet type that should make its way to Louisiana sportsbook apps is the prop bet. A prop bet is not related to the final outcome of a sporting event. A perfect example of a prop bet is when you bet on if a certain player will score in a football game or if an NBA player will have a certain number of assists or rebounds in a game. 

Sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings are well-known for offering a variety of prop bets and oftentimes post their prop bets well in advance of the sporting event, which many of their competitors do not do. They instead wait until game day.

Parlays And Teasers

Sports bettors in Louisiana can also expect to have access to parlay bets and teaser bets on sportsbook apps. Parlays are when a bettor links two or more wagers into one ticket, thus, needing all their bets to win in order to cash out. 

On the other hand, teaser bets also combine two or more bets onto a ticket but it is a type of parlay that allows the bettor to adjust the point spread or totals in their favor to try to increase their chance of winning. Teaser bets are common among football bettors.

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How does sports betting in Louisiana compare to other states?

All-in-all, sports bettors in Louisiana can be assured that they will be getting the total package when it comes to types of bets offered by mobile sportsbooks. Judging by how big-name players such as DraftKings and FanDuel launch their sportsbooks in other states, we fully expect Louisiana to be no different, and residents can expect to have a wide array of bet types to choose from as well as regular promotions and welcome bonuses.

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