Betting On The LSU Tigers

The state of Louisiana will soon be added to the list of states that have legalized sports betting. It is no trick that the pelican state will be getting the treat of in-person betting on Halloween. There will be four casinos that will be issued sports betting licenses in the state. While in-person betting starts on Halloween, mobile betting is still in the developing stages and not expected to be rolled out until early 2022.

The biggest college sports town in Louisiana would be the Tigers of LSU. Baton Rouge is accustomed to championship-contending teams. Just 2 years ago, the Tigers capped off one of the greatest seasons in college football history. LSU finished the season 15-0 and were national champions. Even with the Tigers coming off the championship run just two seasons ago, it has been a quick fall from grace. LSU and head coach Ed Orgeron have mutually agreed to part ways following the 2021 season.

The Tigers have recently been bitten by the injury bug. The long list of injuries has forced them to cancel certain practices this week. Any time you cancel practice during a game, you put yourself behind the eight ball. When you cancel practice during the week that you are preparing for Alabama, you are almost waving the white flag in defeat. So far this season, the Tigers sit at a measly 4-4. While the Tigers appear to be well on their way to bowl eligibility, it does not appear the Tigers have any hope of getting a New Year’s Six Bowl.

Where To Bet On The LSU Tigers

With Louisiana starting to line up everything for their sports betting launch, these are some of the best deals you will see to get your account established.

Types Of Bets Available For LSU Tigers


This is probably the simplest form of sports betting. The moneyline bet is for whoever you think will win the game. The odds will depend on how even the matchup is. For example, if you think LSU will beat Alabama outright, you would have a bigger payout because LSU would be considered the underdog.

Points Spread Bets

Point Spreads are a bit different. The margin of victory determines if a points spread bet is successful or not. In just about every matchup, a team is favored one way or another. To have a successful points spread bet, the team you bet on must win by a certain margin. If you bet on an underdog to cover a points spread, they must not exceed the margin they were expected to lose by.

For example, LSU is +28.5 on the road against Alabama. To win a points spread with LSU, they would have to lose by less than 29 points.

On the other side, Alabama is a -28.5 point favorite. To win a points spread with Alabama, they would have to win by at least 29 points. 

Game Totals

This section here is the total amount of combined points of both teams that will be scored in the game.

For example, the Over/Under for the LSU and Alabama game is 64.5. If you bet the over, the two teams must combine for over 64 points. If you bet the under, the two teams must combine to have 64 points or less. 

Futures Bets

In the NCAA there are two different kinds of futures bets. You can have player futures bets and team futures bets. In college football, the player’s future bet would be which athlete will take home the Heisman trophy. The teams futures bets could be a variety of things including which team you think wins their conference and which team you think will win the national championship. 

Parlay Bets

Parlays are a way for you to potentially receive a bigger payout, With parlays, you will pick multiple outcomes from either same game or different games. To win, you would need every selection to be correct. Parlays are able to include game spreads, moneyline bets and game totals. 

Betting Recommendations For The LSU Tigers

LSU is dealing with a slew of injuries this week, but they are also coming off a bye. Anytime you are going up against a juggernaut like Alabama, you will need to be at your best to even have a shot of keeping the game close. Outside of coming off of the bye week, the Tigers have a few things going for them in their favor.

The LSU offense finds a way to put points up on the board. The Tigers average 30.5 points a game. Texas A&M already laid out the blueprint of how to beat the Crimson Tide. If you want to beat Alabama, you will have to beat them in a shootout, and LSU has the offense to potentially do that. LSU Quarterback Max Johnson does a good job of not turning the ball over although he does take too many sacks. The other thing that gives LSU a shot is their discipline. The Tigers have the fifth fewest penalties in all of FBS.

Alabama has the second highest scoring offense in the country averaging just under 46 points per game. Their Quarterback Bryce Young is the favorite to win the Heisman at the end of the season, and their running back Brian Robinson isn’t too far behind him with the eighth best odds to win the award.

With Alabama having the high power offense that they do and LSU having the consistent offense that they do, the best play in this game would be Over 64.5. As mentioned before, if LSU has ANY shot to keep this game close they will need to score and score often. The Tigers are a team playing absolutely nothing to lose. They already know that Coach O will be gone at the end of the season. This could be added motivation for the Tigers to put everything on the line and give Alabama all they can handle. No matter how tough LSU plays, they will have a hard time slowing that star-studded Alabama offense. Alabama will have no problem punching the ball into the endzone all game long. This game could hit over 64.5 by the end of the third quarter.

The point spread for this game is a little tricky. So far this season, Alabama has only beaten a conference opponent by more than 29 points once. I probably would steer clear of betting the spread, but I am leaning toward LSU covering +28.5.

FAQs On Betting On The LSU Tigers

Can I bet on sports from my mobile device in Louisiana?

No, not yet. As of October 31, 2021, people in Louisiana are allowed to place in-person sports bets. Mobile betting will likely be added early 2022.

Can I bet on college football in Louisiana?

Yes. College football is one of the many sports you are able to bet on in person.

Is DraftKings and FanDuel legal in Louisiana?

Yes and no. It is legal to download both of the apps; however, Louisiana has not officially launched mobile sports betting.

What is the age to place a bet in Louisiana?

You will need to be 21 years or older to legally place a bet in Louisiana.

When does Louisiana officially launch sports betting?

In-person sports betting begins on October 31, 2021 while mobile sports betting is slated for early 2022.

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