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Retail sports betting is now available at a handful of brick-and-mortar casinos in Louisiana, and mobile betting is on the way. In the coming months, Louisiana bettors may see a sportsbook called Golden Nugget pop up with the rest of the industry.

Golden Nugget is a relatively smaller sportsbook compared to other platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel, but it has some name recognition in Louisiana. Golden Nugget Lake Charles Hotel & Casino is one of the most popular retail casinos in the entire state. Therefore, it seems likely that Golden Nugget will launch both a retail sportsbook at the casino property and a mobile betting platform to reinforce the brand throughout Louisiana.

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Golden Nugget Louisiana Sportsbook Bonus Code For December 2022

In order to attract new customers, many mobile sportsbooks will feature bonuses and promotions when launched in a new state. Golden Nugget is no different. Golden Nugget is offering new users who sign up for an account a great bonus that involves up to a $250 free bet. 

Terms and conditions apply.

Golden Nugget Louisiana Promo CodeSHARP
Free BetUp to $250
What States Allow Golden Nugget SportsbookMI, NJ, NV, VA & WV
Golden Nugget’s Land-Based PartnerTBD
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

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The up to $250 free bet from Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a quality promotional offer. It allows bettors to explore the platform and place a free bet up to $250 without having to worry about eating the loss if that bet were to go south. This can help give new bettors some peace of mind when trying out sports betting for the first time.

However, there are some downsides to the offer. The free bet can only be used on single game or in-play wagers. This means that parlays are excluded from the offer. This takes away the possibility of a huge payday with a long-shot parlay, and puts somewhat of a limit on the potential payout. 

The $250 limit is also a relatively small amount of money compared to some other notable sportsbooks. For example, PointsBet is offering two second chance free bets up to $2,000 (fixed-odds up to $500 and up to $1,500 on first PointsBetting wager), and Caesars Sportsbook features up to $1,250, 1,ooo Tier Credits, and 1,000 Reward Credits.

Another downside to Golden Nugget’s sign-up offer is that they are not offering any deposit matches. DraftKings offers a 20% deposit match up to $1,000 (5X playthrough). These deposit matches can help add money to your bankroll, but Golden Nugget is not currently offering any such promotions. 

That being said, a free bet up to $250 is never a bad thing, so Louisiana bettors should still take advantage of this bonus offer from Golden Nugget Sportsbook.


As experienced bettors know, the odds and lines for certain sports can vary across sportsbooks. For example, the Saints could be listed as 4.5-point underdogs on one platform, but as 5.5-point underdogs on another platform. Or, the Saints could be listed at +4.5 for -110 odds on one sportsbook, but the same line of +4.5 could be -120 on another sportsbook. Because of this, it is important to shop around at multiple sportsbooks to see who is offering the best odds. Golden Nugget will often have competitive lines and markets on offer. Here are a few examples. 

Golden Nugget Point Spreads And Totals

Small differences, big impact. That’s the name of the game when it comes to point spread or totals betting at Golden Nugget or any other online sportsbook in Louisiana. Here’s a look at a few of Golden Nugget’s lines compared to FanDuel’s odds on the same game.

Odds ComparisonGolden Nugget Point SpreadFanDuel Point SpreadGolden Nugget TotalsFanDuel Totals
Golden State Warriors+3.5 (-110) +3.5(-110)Over 212 (-120)Over 212.5 (-110)
Boston Celtics-3.5 (-110)-3.5 (-110)Under 212 (-120)Under 212.5 (-110)

The point spreads are identical at FanDuel and Golden Nugget, meaning you could bet at either sportsbook and great the same potential payout. However, the totals lines tell a different story. FanDuel is the clear choice for either bet because Golden nuggets odds of -120 pay worse than FanDuel’s. The extra half point you’d get betting the over at Golden Nugget doesn’t really make a difference here considering a combined score of 213 would hit at either sportsbook.

This doesn’t mean Golden nugget always has worse lines. Odds can change and sportsbooks can edge each other out in different areas. It’s another reason to shop for the best odds when you’re trying to place a winning bet.

Golden Nugget Moneyline Odds

Moneyline bets often vary ever-so-slightly between sportsbooks. Baseball, being a slow and low-scoring sport for the most part, is an ideal sport for moneyline bets. Here’s a look at one game’s odds from Golden Nugget and competitor FanDuel for context.

Odds ComparisonGolden Nugget MoneylineFanDuel Moneyline
Arizona Diamondbacks+130+124
Cincinnati Reds-145-146

Here’s a great example of one sportsbook slightly edging out another and giving the best odds on either side of a bet. Golden Nugget gives better odds on the Reds and the Diamondbacks, even if they’re only better by a slim margin. In the long term, finding these small differences can give you more potential profit over time.

Golden Nugget Futures Odds

World Series Odds ComparisonGolden Nugget FanDuel
Los Angeles Dodgers+400+380
New York Yankees+550+500
Houston Astros+700+750
New York Mets+750+750
Milwaukee Brewers+1000+1200

Above we have a look at futures odds to win the World Series from FanDuel and Golden Nugget. Keep in mind these are not all-inclusive, as there are many other teams in the league. These represent the top teams expected to win.

With futures odds, there are no point lines to keep in mind, so you simply want to select the best odds for your particular bet. In this case, Golden Nugget is the best choice for a bet on the Dodgers or Yankees, while FanDuel is the better choice for some of the longshots lower down the list. Find the best odds on your preferred team and place your bet at that sportsbook—yet another reason to shop around for the best odds.


With an excellent and wide-ranging market available, bettors in Louisiana have a lot of options on what to bet on. Odds and lines for major U.S. professional sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are available on Golden Nugget Sportsbook. Since these will undoubtedly be the most popular sports leagues for Louisiana bettors, having these options available is a big plus.

Aside from the marquee major professional or college betting markets, Golden Nugget also offers betting opportunities for various other sporting activities and leagues. These include MMA, golf, tennis, boxing, motor sports and rugby. You can also bet on darts, cricket, and cycling as well. 

Within each of these sports, the types of bets at Golden Nugget Louisiana will include:

  • Moneyline
  • Points Spread
  • Parlays
  • Totals
  • Prop Bets
  • Live Betting
  • In-Game Betting
  • Head-to-head

Golden Nugget Sportsbook is set up for both new and experienced bettors. If you know exactly what you are looking for, finding your bets is quick and easy. If you are exploring sports betting for the first time, the Golden Nugget platform is easy to navigate and presents each bet in an easy-to-use way. It’s also helpful that Golden Nugget shows what your potential winnings would be before placing your wager.


Golden Nugget users have many different ways to make deposits. These include credit or debit cards transfers, prepaid cards, PayPal, ACH transfers, e-checks, Online Bank transfers, and PayNearMe (7-Eleven, CVS, Family Dollar Stores). When it comes to withdrawals, Golden Nugget also provides users with a wide selection of payment options. 

One downside is that there are both deposit and withdrawal minimums on Golden Nugget. There is a $10 minimum for payment methods such as PayPal, Discover cards, American Express cards, and PayNearMe. The minimum deposit is $20 for Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, and increases to $50 for bank transfers.

In terms of withdrawals, there is a $10 minimum withdrawal for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal. In addition, there is a $500 minimum withdrawal requirement for wire transfers.

There is a slight waiting period from the time you withdraw your funds to the time that they arrive in your account. However, this period is typically only 2-5 banking days and is fairly common among online sportsbooks.


The Golden Nugget Sportsbook app is available to both iOS and Android users. For iOS users, the app can be found through the Apple App Store. Android users can get the app directly from the Golden Nugget website. The download is quick and easy on both types of devices.

Looking for your bets is also made easy with the menu options. You can search for your bet by league, sport, or in alphabetical order. Everything is easy to find and the app as a whole is easy to navigate. 

Like other popular sportsbooks, live betting is available on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook. On the menu at the bottom, simply click the “In-Play” tab to see all games that are currently taking place. This is where bettors can place live or in-play bets. This option is typically lag-free, and helps customers get the latest up-to-the-second odds and lines.  

The app may not be as sleek as some others out there, but it is still a quality platform that is easy to use.


Overall, there is a lot to like about Golden Nugget Sportsbook. Golden Nugget may not have the name recognition or nationwide popularity like DraftKings or FanDuel, but it is a quality platform that presents a wide-variety of bets for users to consider. 

Other than some minor limitations with the bonus offer and deposit/cashout options, Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a mobile betting platform that Louisiana bettors should be sure to download.

Is Golden Nugget Sportsbook Legit?

Yes. There are a number of ways to tell if a sportsbook is legit. Here are three major reasons why Golden Nugget Sportsbook qualifies as a legitimate sportsbook operator:

  • Golden Nugget is already active and being used by thousands of bettors in five U.S. states. This means that it has already been approved by several regulatory organizations in those areas.
  • Like all other mobile sportsbook operators in Louisiana, Golden Nugget Sportsbook will be overseen by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. If you have an issue with Golden Nugget, you can notify this organization and seek a legal resolution.
  • Golden Nugget uses high-quality digital security. It would not be able to go live in several other U.S. states if it did not have a good reputation.

Why Choose Golden Nugget Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Illegal and offshore betting accounts are bad ideas for many reasons. First of all, there are not as many security measures in place with these sites. Your information could potentially be at risk for theft or identity fraud with offshore and illegal platforms. Verified and approved sportsbooks like Golden Nugget offer much more protection and piece of mind for bettors. Golden Nugget also has a well-documented history of providing quality service and staying in good terms with the regulatory organizations that oversee its operation.

Secondly, these sites don’t offer player-friendly odds compared to licensed sportsbooks. Winning bets on these sites often have a lower return than the same bet would have on a licensed and regulated sportsbook. This does not provide a lot of incentive to use the illegal betting sites. With mobile sports betting in Louisiana on the horizon, it may be best to wait for these sportsbooks to be rolled out. 

Why Can You Trust Golden Nugget Sportsbook With Your Money?

Much like how you can tell Golden Nugget is a legitimate operator, you can also tell that Golden Nugget is a trustworthy platform when it comes to handling your money.

Sportsbooks are required to establish a liability fund separate from their expenses. This is done in order to ensure the protection of funds for each user. Furthermore, each sportsbook is regulated by an independent entity in each state that establishes strict rules for financial protection. 

In additional security measures, geolocation and identity verification are also used by Golden Nugget Sportsbook in order to provide customers with the best possible security.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21 years of age or older
What states is Golden Nugget legal in?MI, NJ, NV, VA & WV
Who is Golden Nugget’s land-based partner in Louisiana?TBA
Launch date in LouisianaAnticipated launch in January 2022

Golden Nugget Louisiana FAQs

Is it legal to use Golden Nugget Sportsbook to bet on sports in Louisiana?

Yes. However, the state has yet to finalize the rules and regulations for the online betting industry. This means that right now, there are not any fully licensed or legal sportsbooks in Louisiana. Ronnie Johns, chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, told Louisiana Sharp that he expects mobile sports betting to launch in Louisiana in the first week of January.

Can you bet anywhere in Louisiana using Golden Nugget Sportsbook?

No. Once launched, bettors will have to be physically located in one of the 55 approved parishes to place a mobile sports wager in Louisiana. Geolocation software will be used to ensure you are within approved parishes when placing a wager with PointsBet. The parishes that do not allow sports betting are: Caldwell, Catahoula, Franklin, Jackson, LaSalle, Sabine, Union, West Carroll, and Winn.

How old will bettors have to be in order to place bets online in Louisiana?

Users looking to place mobile wagers on sports in Louisiana will need to be 21 years of age or older.  

Does Golden Nugget Sportsbook offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Golden Nugget is offering new users who sign up for an account a great bonus that involves up to a $250 free bet. Right now, there are no deposit bonuses through Golden Nugget. However, be sure to check back here at Louisiana Sharp for any more bonus offers that may become available.

How many different sports can you bet on at Golden Nugget Louisiana?

Odds and lines for major US professional sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are available on Golden Nugget Sportsbook. Other sports and leagues you can bet on include MMA, golf, tennis, boxing, motor sports and rugby. 

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