Betting On College Sports In Louisiana

Sports betting is now legal in 55 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes. Officials hoped to launch sports betting in the fall of 2021, but only one retail sportsbook location has opened. Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville opened its doors to in-person sports betting on Oct. 6, 2021.

In the meantime, read this guide so you’re prepared to start betting on college sports in Louisiana once sportsbook apps launch.

When sportsbooks do go live, fans of the LSU Tigers and Tulane Green Wave will be able to bet on their team with no restrictions, either online or at retail sportsbooks.

Is It Legal To Bet On College Sports In Louisiana?

Yes. The bill went into effect on July 1, 2021. Before sportsbooks can go live, however, the state must finish the rules and regulations that will govern sports betting in the Pelican State.

One retail location is open, but many more will follow in the coming months.

Can I Bet On Louisiana College Teams?

Many states have restrictions in place regarding local teams to protect the integrity of the sport(s). Louisiana is not one of those states. Fans of LSU, Tulane, and every other college team in Louisiana can place bets on their favorite team.

Betting On College Basketball In Louisiana

Louisiana is more of a football state than basketball, but the state has been home to college basketball’s national champion before. It has also generated several players that went on to great success in the NBA.

LSU Tigers

The men’s basketball program does claim one national title (1934-35) and has been to the Final Four four times. The most recent trip was in 2006). It has seen a little more success at the conference level, winning the SEC 11 times, including their last title in 2019, and the conference tournament once.

The 2019-2020 season saw the Tigers go 19-10. They made the NCAA Tournament as a No. 8-seed where they beat St. Bonaventure in the first round and lost to Michigan in the second round.

Tulane Green Wave

Success has been hard to come by for the Tulane men’s basketball team. The Green Wave have won three conference championships (1924, 1976, 1992) but have not been competitive since joining the American Conference in 2014.

They have been to the NCAA Tournament three times (1992, 93, and 95) but never made it past the second round

The team finished the 2019-20 season with a 10-13 record. Tulane has not finished a season with a winning record since joining the American Conference.

Betting On March Madness In Louisiana

While betting on March Madness is popular across the country, fans in Louisiana have not had much to bet on in recent years. LSU was the only Louisiana team to make the tournament in 2021.

Bettors will likely be able to bet online and at retail locations on the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 2022. Betting on local teams will be allowed, but it is hard to say if a team from Louisiana will make the Tournament.

How To Bet On College Football In Louisiana

College football in Louisiana is like college football in many states in the South and across the country—insanely popular. With five programs at the FBS level and another six at the FCS level, local fans have plenty of teams to choose from.

LSU Tigers

The Tigers have been one of the better and most popular football teams in the country. They have won four national titles, including two in the last 15 years (2007, 2019). As a member of the SEC, the Tigers have won 13 conference championships, with the latest coming in 2019 when the school also produced Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

The 2020 season saw the Tigers struggle with much of the 2019 national title squad in the NFL. The Tigers rallied from a slow start and finished with a 5-5 record.

Tulane Green Wave

Tulane is an FBS program that competes in the American Football Conference. Over the years, Tulane has won nine conference titles, including three in the SEC (1934, 1939, 1949). Tulane’s most recent conference championship came in 1998 when it was in Conference USA.

The Green Wave have played in 14 bowl games, including last season’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. They lost to Nevada, 38-27. They were 6-5 during the regular season. While popular locally, Tulane does not garner much national attention.

Betting On NCAA Bowl Games In Louisiana

Once sports betting goes live, bettors will be able to place bets on college bowl games at retail locations, online, or via the mobile app of their favorite legally licensed sportsbook. New Year’s Day games, the College Football Playoff, and the National Championship games are popular amongst bettors, as well as any game LSU is playing in.

Where Can You Bet On College Sports In Louisiana?

When sports betting goes live in Louisiana, bettors will have plenty of options when it comes to placing bets but only in the 55 parishes where sports betting will be legal. There could be as many as 41 online sportsbooks and mobile apps for bettors to choose from. Otherwise, bettors will need to go to one of the 19 casinos located in-state.

The state lottery will also be operating as many as 1,000 kiosks located in bars and restaurants.  

All sportsbooks will take bets on college sports (primarily football and basketball), including championship games. Opening odds will be the same or similar. Once sportsbooks start taking bets, each book will adjust the odds as deemed necessary.

Online Sportsbooks In Louisiana

  • DraftKings: One of the more recognizable names in the sports betting industry, DraftKings may have a leg up on the competition after launching its daily fantasy platform in 47 parishes in mid-July. DraftKings, which is partnered with the Casino Queen company, will not have as strong a retail presence as other sportsbooks.   
  • FanDuel: Like its DFS competitor, FanDuel will get a leg up on the competition once it launches its DFS platform. Its application has been held up due to COVID-19 related complications. Boyd Gaming, who FanDuel has partnered with, will want to get the online sportsbook operational ASAP. Boyd is one of two companies with five retail locations in-state.
  • Barstool Sportsbook: Penn National, which owns five casinos in Louisiana, will likely try to get its online sportsbook, Barstool, operational as soon as regulations allow. Penn National has a significant stake in Barstool Sports and will want the online sportsbook to be as successful as the retail ones.

Louisana Retail Sportsbooks

  • Caesars: One of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, Caesars has five retail locations in Louisiana and is the official sports betting partner of the New Orleans Pelicans and New Orleans Saints. The company also recently acquired the naming rights to the Saints home stadium.
  • Bally’s: The company is expected to enter the Louisiana market through its affiliation with the Eldorado in Shreveport. It could get a leg up on the competition thanks to its partnership with Sinclair, the owner of the New Orleans Regional Sports Network.
  • Golden Nugget: As one of the more iconic names in the industry, the Golden Nugget name comes with an air of respectability and quality. The retail location located in Lake Charles is one of the newer casinos in-state, having opened in December 2014.

How College Sports Betting Odds Are Calculated

Oddsmakers all have their own method by which they calculate odds. But they all essentially use some combination of advanced mathematics and algorithms, all relevant data related to the team(s) or game(s) in question, and their expertise to calculate odds for a game or event.

The following was the opening betting line for the LSU Tigers 2021 season opener against UCLA:

Point SpreadMoneyline
LSU Tigers-4.0 (-110)-190
UCLA Bruins+4.0 (-110)+160

If someone were to take LSU against the spread, they would need the Tigers to win by more than four points to win the bet. To win $100, bettors would need to risk $110. But if a bettor is confident in UCLA, they may want to bet the moneyline where a $100 bet wins $160.

The odds are always subject to change leading up to the game depending on a variety of factors, including player injuries. Odds also tend to change when the public significantly favors one team over another. Sportsbooks will adjust the odds to make the other side of the wager a more enticing bet.

What Kinds Of Bets Can Be Placed On College Sports In Louisiana

Since there are no restrictions on college betting in Louisiana, bettors will have a variety of ways in which they can bet on college sports:

  • Point spread: Bettors can decide whether they think the favorite will win by more than the given point spread or if the underdog will lose by less than the spread.
  • Moneyline: Rather than bet the spread, many bettors prefer to pick the winner via the moneyline. Favorites will have shorter odds and will usually be preceded with a (-).
  • Total (over/under): Instead of picking a winner, fans can bet on whether they think the total score of a game will be over or under a given number.
  • Futures: Futures are bets on events that will happen in the future, i.e., division winners, conference winners, Heisman trophy., national championship, etc.
  • Prop bets: Also known as proposition bets, prop bets are wagers fans can place on aspects of the game not directly related to the game’s outcome. They usually refer to the individual performance of certain players.

College Sports Betting FAQs:

    Is it legal to bet on college sports in Louisiana?

    Yes, it is legal to bet on college sports in Louisiana. When sportsbooks launch, there will be no restrictions regarding betting on college sports.

    How popular is betting on college sports?

    With the popularity of the SEC, LSU, and the college football playoffs, betting on college sports will likely be quite popular in Louisiana once sports betting launches.

    Can I bet on Louisiana college teams?

    Yes, you will be able to bet on Louisiana college teams when sports betting goes live in Louisiana.

    Where can I bet on championship games in Louisiana?

    Bettors in Louisiana will have options when it comes to betting on championship games. They will be able to bet at one of 19 retail locations in-state. As many as 1,000 betting kiosks are expected to be available to take bets at bars and restaurants. There could be as many as 40 online sportsbooks, but since seven companies own all 19 casinos, there will likely not be that many.

    Who has the best odds on college sports?

    When it comes to college sports, no single sportsbook has the best odds. That means bettors will need to shop to find the best odds for the game or event they are interested in.

    Does DraftKings offer odds on college sports in Louisiana?

    DraftKings is expected to launch a sportsbook in Louisiana where it will offer odds on college sports.

    Does FanDuel offer odds on college sports in Louisiana?

    FanDuel is expected to launch a sportsbook in Louisiana, where it will offer odds on college sports.

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