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Legal online sports betting is now available in Louisiana, Caesars Sportsbook has set up shop in the Pelican State. Users can now claims a special welcome bonus as they start using the platform in Louisiana.

Louisiana gamers are already familiar with the Caesars Entertainment brand, which owns multiple land-based casinos in the state and has naming rights at the Superdome. They also have a partnership with Louisiana State University athletics. The Caesars Sportsbook mobile sports betting app is now available to download on both iOS and Android devices. 

Caesars Entertainment acquired William Hill, another major sports betting brand, in 2021. On August 2, the merged companies announced a rebranding of their sports betting app to Caesars Sportsbook, which brings a world-class platform to Louisiana bettors.

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Caesars Louisiana Sportsbook Promo Code For December 2022

Eligible new users in Louisiana can receive a First Bet up to $1,250 on Caesars Sportsbook. 

Terms and conditions apply.

Claiming this welcome bonus from Caesars Sportsbook in Louisiana is a simple and easy process. You can claim by following one of our Caesars Sportsbooks Louisiana links (like this one) or by using our exclusive Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana promo code: SHARPBETFULL.

⭐️ Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana Promo CodeSHARPBETFULL
💵 Terms And ConditionsCreate a Caesars Sportsbook account and receive a first bet up to $1,250. Place a first-time wager of up to $1,250, and get it back in the form of a Free Bet if your bet loses.
🇺🇸 States Available InAZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA & WV
✅ Promo Code VerifiedDecember 2022

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Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana is celebrating its launch in Louisiana by offering a welcome promo to Louisiana bettors. 

To get started, become a verified registrant at Caesars Sportsbook to create your account. Then, when making your account, you can get a First Bet up to $1,250. You can claim by following one of our Caesars Sportsbooks Louisiana links (like this one) or by using our exclusive Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana promo code: SHARPBETFULL.

Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana Promotions

Caesars Sportsbook’s package of welcome bonuses and promotions for Louisiana players could vary from other states. However those offers unfold, Louisiana bettors can look forward to a solid lineup of bonuses from Caesars Sportsbook. Plus, bettors at Caesars are eligible for Caesars Rewards, a program that will reward regular betting with additional bonus and promotion offers.


No single sportsbook has the best odds every time. Odds are always changing as sportsbooks balance potential downsides differently. However, some sportsbooks are more competitive than others. So, it’s smart to have multiple sportsbook accounts to shop for the best odds on every line. Here’s why Caesars Sportsbook should be one of the sportsbooks bettors have ready to check.

Shopping For The Best Point Spread And Over/Under Odds

Point spreads and over/unders are bets on a team’s performance. They’re on the margin of victory or the margin of defeat. That way even bad teams can have money placed on them.

Bettors must wager differently depending on which side of the line they want to bet on. For underdog and over betting, higher spreads are better. +6.5 would be better than +6. The opposite is true for favorite and under bettors. -6.5 is better for them than -6.

The standard odds on these wagers are -110 on both sides. But the odds can vary dramatically across sportsbooks. Here’s a small example of that kind of comparison between two sportsbooks:

 Caesars SportsbookPointsBet
Colorado Avalanche-1.5 +175-1.5 +175
Edmonton Oilers+1.5 -210+1.5 -216

Caesars Sportsbook and PointsBet have the same spreads. So, the best wager comes down to the odds. Both books have the same odds on the Avs. But Caesars has better odds on the Oilers. So, bettors would space a point spread bet at Caesars on this line.

Finding The Best Moneyline Odds

Moneyline bets are bets on a game’s winner. It’s an easy wager to understand, and it’s easy to compare odds. All bettors need to do is find the highest odds. Moneylines are particularly popular on baseball, like the lines below:

 Caesars Sportsbook FOX Bet
Toronto Blue Jays-170-182
Kansas City Royals+150+150

On this line, Caesars Sportsbook has better odds on the Blue Jays, and both books have identical odds on the Royals. This is a less common pattern than one book each having the best odds on one side of the line. But it’s a good find for bettors who are motivated enough to search for it.

Finding Great Futures Odds

One reason futures odds can differ so much across sportsbooks is theoretical hold. Theoretical hold is the amount of money that sportsbooks expect to make off a set of lines. A book with low theoretical hold means better odds as a group. However, bettors still have to check for exceptions to high-hold trends. High-hold books can still have the best odds on certain bets. Here’s that kind of analysis in action:

 Caesars SportsbookCirca Sportsbook
WNBA Futures Theoretical Hold14.55%12.07%
Connecticut Sun+400+255

Caesars Sportsbook has a higher theoretical hold on this set of lines. But that doesn’t stop it from having better odds on certain teams, like the Suns. That’s why getting into the habit of odds shopping is so important.


All legal online sportsbooks offer betting markets on major domestic leagues. For the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, you’ll find the standard package of point spread, totals, and moneyline bets on almost any US game at every mobile sports betting app.

The top-tier sportsbooks in the US expand betting markets well beyond the four major domestic leagues. The Caesars Sportsbook menu includes international leagues in soccer, motorsports, rugby, basketball, and many others.

Soccer betting markets include the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and a plethora of other overseas leagues. International soccer events like the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the World Cup open even more opportunities to wager on the world’s most popular sport.

You’ll also find betting opportunities on everything from UFC and the Olympics to niche sports like handball and table tennis.

Beyond the standard kinds of bets (point spread, totals, moneyline), many sports also offer extensive menus of prop bets and futures markets. Another wagering option, live betting, allows you to bet on various lines in a game after the contest has begun.

Overall, Caesars Sportsbook offers a betting menu that stacks up with anything in the industry.


The sports betting boom in the US is fueled by the popularity of mobile wagering apps. In Louisiana, bettors will be allowed to deposit, place bets, and cash out from the convenience of their mobile devices.

The highest-rated online sportsbooks set themselves apart by offering a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Caesars Sportsbook presents a menu of deposit methods that include ACH/eCheck, major debit/credit cards, PayPal, and the Play+ Prepaid card.

The Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana app could include a few other deposit options as well. All of the deposit methods listed above allow players to put funds instantly on Caesars Sportsbook and begin wagering immediately.

Credit/debit cards can’t be used for withdrawals, but all of the other deposit methods mentioned above are eligible for both deposits and withdrawals. PayPal and the Play+ Prepaid card are two of the most versatile, reliable ways to facilitate both deposits and withdrawals.

Now that Caesars Sportsbook is live in Louisiana, bettors in the Pelican State can find numerous different ways to get money in and out of their sportsbook accounts.


Caesars Sportsbook is now live in Louisiana! Bettors in the Pelican State can now enjoy a mobile app that presents one of the highest-rated sports betting platforms available for Apple iOS devices. Apple users rate the Caesars Sportsbook app at 4.6 out of 5 stars, over the course of more than 22,000 reviews.

The Google Play store recently changed its longstanding policy against offering real-money gambling apps. You can currently find the Caesars Sportsbook app for selected states at the Google Play Store.

Both the Apple iOS and Android versions of the Caesars Sportsbook app offer all of the betting markets, features, and deposit/withdrawal options available on the desktop version of the platform.


Louisiana Sharp assesses all of the categories listed above when assigning an overall grade to a sportsbook.

The Caesars Sportsbook platform presents a quality online sportsbook across all categories. The bonus offer of a First Bet up to $1,250 is also a solid way to get started.

Caesars Sportsbook offers competitive lines, an extensive menu of sports, and an array of ways to deposit and cash out. The Caesars Sportsbook LA mobile app will bring one of the best all-around online sports betting products in the industry to the hands of Louisiana bettors.

Latest Promotions At Caesars Sportsbook

Football Freebie

When the UEFA Champions League is playing on Tuesday and Wednesday, Caesars Sportsbook runs a free bet promo. When placing at least a $50 wager in any market for a UEFA Champions League Match, bettors receive a $25 free bet to use on Thursday Night Football. In order to qualify, odds for the wager must be set at -200 or greater. This must be a single wager of $50 or more, not a cumulative amount.

Friday Double

Each Friday, Caesars offers an opportunity for bettors to get double their return on a wager. A specific event will be set up where if the bettor is successful, they will get an extra free bet equal to the amount they placed on the wager. This is eligible up to $50, and bettors are not able to place a bet on both sides.

Tuesday Dingers

Throughout the baseball season, bettors at Caesars can get $25 free bets on each home run the team they back hits. Wagers must be at least $50 on a moneyline bet for the team they select. Bettors cannot place a wager on both sides.

Is Caesars Sportsbook Legit?

Aspiring sports bettors in the US can find several different online platforms willing to take their money. You can separate any website offering online sports betting into two categories – legitimate and not legit.

Caesars Sportsbook passes the legitimacy test, and let’s take a look at five reasons that back up that statement:

Reputation Of Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment operates as one of the world’s most recognizable gaming brands. You won’t find an illegitimate online gambling product bearing the Caesars name in the US market.

The “Caesars” part of Caesars Sportsbook gives a strong indication that the platform is legit.

Merger With William Hill

The William Hill-Caesars Entertainment merger marked a case of one giant of the legal gaming industry acquiring the assets of another.

Under the Caesars Sportsbook banner, Louisiana players can count on a legitimate online gaming platform coming to their state.

Status As A Legal Online Sportsbook

All legal sportsbooks that go live in Louisiana must first be vetted and approved by state gaming regulators.

Only legitimate, legally operating sports betting brands will pass the test from Louisiana regulators. Caesars Sportsbook, as well as all other approved online sportsbooks, will go live as legitimate online gambling platforms.

Availability At The Google Play Store

The Google Play store recently changed its policy toward offering real-money online gambling apps. The Google Play store only allows legitimate platforms, and you’ll currently find the Caesars Sportsbook app available there for several different states.

Operations In Other States

More than a dozen US states currently enjoy access to the Caesars Sportsbook mobile wagering app. Gaming regulators in each state approved the app for launch, yet another sign of the legitimacy of the Caesars Sportsbook product.

Why Choose Caesars Sportsbook Over Illegal Online Sportsbooks?

Legal online sports betting is now available in Louisiana. Caesars Sportsbook is a fully regulated mobile sportsbook that is overseen by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. With that in mind, you’ll be better off betting with Caesars compared to some illegal sports betting websites out there.

While offshore/illegal gambling sites might look legit, consider the following reasons to avoid these black market operations:

Offshore Sportsbooks Operate Outside US Laws

We can look to other states with legal online sports betting to understand some of the player safety protocols in place.

States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan stand at the forefront of the legal sports betting industry in the US. In each state, all legal online sportsbooks are regulated, audited, and held accountable by state gaming regulators.

State gaming regulations mandate that all legal sportsbooks provide prompt payouts when requested by players. Legal sportsbooks must send your money to you when requested, by law.

Offshore sportsbooks, on the other hand, don’t operate with any legal obligation to play players. When you deposit at an illegal sportsbook, you might never see that money come back to your bank account.

Illegal Online Gambling Sites Can Get Taken Down

Imagine running up a big balance on an offshore gambling site, then waking up one day to find the site no longer exists.

That scenario has played out before among offshore sites offering gambling services in the US. If federal authorities seize the domain of an offshore gambling site, that big balance could disappear forever.

Such a dilemma won’t happen on a legal online sports betting platform like Caesars Sportsbook. The sportsbooks is under legal obligation to release your funds when requested.

Can I Trust Caesars Sportsbook With My Money?

When you put your money down at Caesars Sportsbook, you can count on the sportsbook to protect your money, as well as your personal information.

Online sportsbooks like Caesars Sportsbook place a high priority on protecting the money. Both player funds and the house bankroll are protected with the highest available levels of security.

Caesars Sportsbook uses the same quality of site security that you might find at Amazon, PayPal, or even international banks. The last thing a brand like Caesars Entertainment wants to deal with is a concern over money security issues.

Offshore sites, on the other hand, could be vulnerable to cyberattacks that just wouldn’t get through the Caesars Sportsbook security blanket.

Legal online sportsbooks will arrive in Louisiana soon. The ability to trust a brand like Caesars Sportsbook with your money is perhaps the biggest reason to only use regulated online gambling sites.

Caesars Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to wager at Caesars Sportsbook?21 or over
In what states is Caesars Sportsbook live?AZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA & WV

Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana FAQs

Is it legal to bet online at Caesars Sportsbook in Louisiana?

Yes! Users can now bet online using Caesars Sportsbook in Louisiana. You can now register an account and download the app to get started. 

Does Caesars Sportsbook have an iOS app?

Yes. If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you can find the Louisiana-based Caesars Sportsbook app in the App Store.

Does Caesars Sportsbook have an Android app?

Yes. Google Play carries the Caesars Sportsbook app from several states. You can download the Louisiana-based Android version of the sports betting app from Google Play. You can also download the Android app directly from the Caesars Sportsbook website.

Do you have to be in Louisiana to bet at Caesars Sportsbook LA?

Yes. Federal laws allow states to choose their own individual policies regarding sports betting. As a requirement, states that legalize sports betting can only take bets from within state lines.

Louisiana’s online sports betting could also be limited to within the 55 parishes that voted to approve sports wagering.

What is the best way to make a deposit at Caesars Sportsbook?

PayPal and the Play+ Prepaid card offer two of the most reliable ways to fund a Caesars Sportsbook account. Both of these methods can also be used to cash out from the sportsbook.

ACH/eCheck, credit cards, and debit cards offer other ways to deposit at Caesars Sportsbook. These options, however, can sometimes result in a declined transaction by the issuing bank.

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