Best NHL Odds At Louisiana Sportsbooks

Betting on hockey in Louisiana is now a reality. The first retail sportsbooks opened in October 2021, and mobile sports betting apps will follow shortly. With options to bet in person at casinos, online at mobile sportsbooks, and at select restaurants and bars there will be loads of options for NHL betting. Here are our recommendations for Louisiana sportsbooks with the best NHL odds, for betting on the Pelicans and other NHL teams. 

SportsbookWelcome BonusWhy We Like League Odds
Betfred Louisiana $150 free bet pre-launch offerMost known for international leagues, strong on domestic odds including NHL odds
DraftKings Louisiana$100 free bet for pre-launch offerBoosted prop odds and goal scorer bets
Caesars LouisianaPre-Launch Offer: $100 free betExtensive prop betting and parlay boosts
FanDuel LouisianaPre-Launch Offer: $100 in free bonus moneyOdds boosts and alternative spread and totals

Where Can You Bet On The NHL In Louisiana?

Louisiana will offer sports betting in-person at casinos and other locations before mobile betting becomes available. 55 out of 64 parishes voted yes on allowing sports betting. Parishes that voted no will not have any in-person betting and will not have the ability to place a bet through an online or mobile sportsbook. The parishes that voted no include Caldwell, Catahoula, Franklin, Jackson, Lasalle, Sabine, Vermilion, West Carroll, and Winn.

Within the 55 parishes where retail and mobile betting will be allowed, bettors can expect 41 mobile sports betting apps and a wide variety of bonus offers for new bettors to bet on the NHL and other leagues.

Retail Sportsbooks

Retail sportsbook betting options include the Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge, Fair Grounds Race Course, and Golden Nugget Lake Charles. In total, 20 race courses and casinos will have sports betting available. The Louisiana Lottery will also operate sports betting at kiosks, restaurants, and bars. 

When Louisiana legalizes sports betting, bettors will only have the option to bet at retail locations at first. In the following weeks, online and mobile sports betting will open up, but bettors will need to make their bets in person to start. 

Online Sportsbooks

Residents in Louisiana will soon have the option to place bets from their phone or computer as long as they do so from one of the 55 parishes that voted yes on sports betting. Some online and mobile sportsbooks include Caesars, BetMGM, and FanDuel. Caesars currently allows Louisiana residents to register a Caesars Sportsbook account now, but they will have to wait to place bets.  

Sportsbooks currently offer pre-launch promotions for Louisiana residents that include risk-free and free bets. FanDuel and Caesars both have extensive prop bets and odd boosts to give you different ways to bet other than the spread, total, and moneyline. Users can bet on certain players to score a goal, odd boosted parlays, as well as various other props.

How NHL Betting Odds Are Calculated

The NHL tends to have low-scoring games. That means the margin of victory for teams will not get too high. Most NHL games have a spread of 1.5. That means that a team favored by -1.5 goals will need to win by two points for the bet to cash. A +1.5 bet means that the team will need to win outright or lose by only one goal for the bet to cash. For example, if the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Arizona Coyotes 5-1 as -1.5 favorites, then the bet would cash as the Lightning won by more than two goals. On the other side, the Coyotes +1.5 would not cash as they lost by more than one goal. 

If the Calgary Flames beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0 as +1.5 underdogs then the +1.5 bet on the Flames would cash as they won the game outright. Also, if the St. Louis Blues entered as +1.5 underdogs against the Colorado Avalanche and they lost 4-3, then the +1.5 bet on the Blues would cash as they lost by one goal.

Moneyline NHL Odds

You can also bet on the moneyline, which means you bet on a team to win outright. Any negative number like -180 means Vegas favors that team. A positive number like +180 means Vegas has that team as an underdog. If you place $100 on a -180 team and that team wins then you would receive $55.56 for a total win of $155.56. If you place $100 on a +180 team and that team wins then you would receive $80 for a total win of $180. The higher the positive odds means the less likely that team will win. The higher the negative odds means the more likely that team would win. 

When Vegas makes these odds they take into account the record of the teams, which team has the home-ice advantage if the teams have any injuries, and how the team has played in recent games as well as various other factors. Vegas sets the initial odds and then the lines may move depending on how the public bets on the games. If one line takes in the majority of bets then the odds will increase to show that the line became more of a favorite. 

NHL Future Odds

Sportsbooks like Caesars currently let you bet on future odds such as the Stanley Cup Winner, the Eastern and Western Conference winner, each division winner, and various end-of-season individual awards.

At the beginning of the 2021-22 season, FanDuel listed the Colorado Avalanche as having the best odds to hoist the Stanley Cup at +550. The Buffalo Sabres came in with the worst odds at +15000. A $100 bet on the Sabres to win the Stanley Cup would net the bettor a $15,000 profit, but Vegas listed them as heavy underdogs for a reason.

Louisiana does not have a hockey team, but the closest team in proximity to Louisiana, the Dallas Stars, opened the season with the 13th best odds at +2800.

What Kind of Bets Can Be Placed On The NHL?

Sports bettors can place bets on the NHL by betting on the moneyline, spread, total, parlays, prop bets, and futures. A moneyline bet means if a team will win outright, the spread means if a team will win/lose by a certain number of goals, and a total bet means how many goals the two teams will combine to score. For a total, you can bet the over or under on a certain number of goals. 

If the total of an NHL game comes in at 5.5 goals, then the under would cash if the teams combine for five or less goals and the over would cash if the teams combine for six or more goals. If the line comes in at a whole number like five or six, then the bet will push if the combined number of goals scored equals the total. If the two teams combine for six goals and you bet on the over or under of six goals, then you would get your money back as the line pushed meaning neither side won. 

How To Place Prop Bets On NHL?

Sportsbooks offer several prop bets for NHL games. Some of them include the time of the first goal, if a team will record a shutout, and the exact number of goals a team will score. For the time of the first goal, DraftKings offers consistent odds. They set the total at Before or After 9:30 seconds for the first goal. Before has odds that settle around -150, while After hovers around +120. The NHL does not offer many player props. Instead, sportsbooks offer mostly team props. 

How To Bet On The NHL in Louisiana? 

To bet on the NHL in Louisiana bettors can go to a licensed casino or race course to place bets in person. People in Louisiana can also bet on online sportsbooks.

To place bets from your phone you need to download a Sportsbook app like FanDuel Sportsbook. Once downloaded you need to register for an account. Once you submit the required fields you can start betting on NHL games. 

At the top of the screen, FanDuel has a sliding menu that lists all of the sports you can bet on. Once you scroll through the menu, you can click on the NHL logo to start betting on NHL games. The app will navigate to a page that shows all of the upcoming NHL games. At that point, you can click on the spread, total, or moneyline and add it to your betslip. You can also click on the game to see the various prop bets and alternate lines for that specific game. 

How To Bet On The Stanley Cup In Louisiana?

Bettors in Louisiana can place bets on who will win the Stanley Cup through online sportsbooks. For example, if you go on the BetMGM app and click on the NHL tab you can place a bet on the Stanley Cup. 

By clicking on the Futures tab on the NHL page, you will open the Stanley Cup betting odds. You can bet on the specific team who you think will win as well as various other bets. Those include if the Stanley Cup winner will hail from the US or Canada as well as which conference and division the championship winner will come from. 

NHL Partnerships

The NHL has many partnerships with sportsbooks with PointsBet as one of those. As part of the partnership, PointsBet will integrate their betting odds into NHL broadcasts. They also have partnerships with other sportsbooks like DraftKings, Caesars, and FanDuel. Instead of having one exclusive partner, the NHL has expanded its partnerships. 


Do Louisiana’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on the NHL?

 Yes. You can bet on the NHL at any legal Sportsbook in Louisiana.

Does the NHL have any partnerships with a Sportsbook?

Yes. The NHL has multiple Sportsbook sponsorships. NHL broadcasts will feature odds from DraftKings, Caesars, PointsBet, and FanDuel sportsbooks.

Where can I bet on the Stanley Cup in Louisiana?

You can place future bets on the Stanley Cup in person at Sportsbooks or race courses or through online betting sites like BetMGM. 

How popular is betting on the NHL?

 The NHL takes in far fewer bets than the NFL, NBA, and MLB due to the low-scoring nature of the game and the lack of player prop bets available. 

Is DraftKings legal in Louisiana?

Not yet, but they will once Louisiana passes online sports betting.

Is DraftKings legal in Louisiana?

Not yet, but users can use DraftKings for daily fantasy sports. The DraftKings sportsbooks will go live once Louisiana legalizes online sports betting. 

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