Best College World Series Odds in Louisiana

Much like college football, college baseball is a popular sport in Louisiana. Now that the sports betting industry is fully launched in the state, many sportsbooks are offering futures odds for the College World Series. In addition, several different sportsbooks offer odds and lines for individual college baseball games.

Current College World Series Odds

The NCAA Baseball Tournament begins with a field of 64 teams. Only eight make it to the College World Series. Those eight teams play in a double-elimination tournament at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, Nebraska. The tournament take place every summer in the second half of June.

Along with odds for individual College World Series games, sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings offer futures odds on the College World Series. College World Series odds aren’t typically available year round, but most sportsbooks will have futures odds available once the college baseball season rolls around. 

Keep in mind that College World Series odds can fluctuate up until the NCAA Tournament begins, as well as while it takes place. For example, instances such as injuries can encourage a substantial shift in odds. In addition, College World Series odds can change based on a team’s performance. If a team goes on a 10-game winning streak, their odds could become shorter (+1000 to +750). Conversely, an extended losing streak could result in a team’s odds getting longer (+1000 to +1500). 

The 2022 College World Series just concluded, with Ole Miss winning it all. Ole Miss entered the 2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament as the last team in the field of 64. Naturally, they had long odds to win the College World Series. However, they made it all the way to Omaha and were +650 to win it all prior to the start of the College World Series. The Rebels went on to defeat Oklahoma in the championship to become the 2022 College World Series champions. This just goes to show that anything can happen!

Where Can I Bet 0n the College World Series Online in Louisiana?

There are a number of online sportsbook options from which Louisiana bettors can choose from when placing their bets on the College World Series. Several online sportsbooks have been available in Louisiana since January. These include DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, BetMGM, and BetRivers.

While the odds at various sportsbooks will generally be similar, different books will offer different prices for different teams. This is why it’s frequently suggested and recommended that bettors take the time to peruse the options available to them. If you haven’t already, consider downloading multiple sportsbooks to check out the College World Series odds on each platform. That way, you can find the best available odds.

How to Bet on the College World Series in Louisiana

Retail sports betting launched in Louisiana on Oct. 2021. Bayou bettors can visit many of the brick-and-mortar casinos in the state to place their College World Series bets. In-person betting can be done with cash at the betting desk with a sportsbook employee, or at an individual kiosk.

Along with retail betting, Louisiana sports fans can bet on the College World Series straight from their mobile devices. This gives bettors the flexibility to bet from the comfort of their own homes.

Whether it’s the preferred odds or the most attractive welcome bonus or promotion, bettors have to start by selecting their book of choice, registering an account, making their first deposit, and proceeding to make their bet.

Bettors are required to provide personal information to complete registration, and this step is necessary before any bets can be placed. This may include age, address, and social security number to verify identity. This may seem pervasive, but it’s in the best interest of the sportsbooks and the users.

Deposit options vary across sportsbooks, but most allow deposits via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred e-checks, and PayPal. Withdrawal requests may not be as quick as deposits, but bettors will select their method of choice and the amount they’d like to withdraw. It may take three to five business days before the money becomes available in your bank account. All in all, Louisiana bettors have plenty of options when placing College World Series bets.

What Types of Bets Can be Placed on the College World Series?

Louisiana bettors can place bets on College World Series futures, as well as individual games. Common college baseball bets include:

Moneyline Bets

Also referred to as a straight bet, moneyline bets refer to who you think will win the game. If you bet on LSU to win and they do, then you win money. Favorites are indicated with a minus (-) sign, while underdogs are indicated with a plus (+) sign. For example, LSU is favored to win against Arkansas with -140 odds, so you would have to bet $140 to win $100 with a Tiger victory. On the other side, if LSU is an underdog against Arkansas at +140, then a $100 wager would win $140 with a Tiger win.

Totals (AKA “Over/Under”)

Game total bets refer to the total amount of runs that will be scored in the game. Bettors can bet on the total number of runs to go over or stay under the listed total. For example, consider a game in which LSU is playing against Ole Miss and the total is listed at 11.5. If you bet on the over, you would need both teams to combine for 12 runs or more. If you bet on the under, you would need both teams to combine for 11 runs or fewer. Both the over and under are typically listed at -110 odds, although they can vary slightly depending on the sportsbook.

Parlay Bets

In a parlay, a bettor will choose multiple bets for one ticket, and each of those bets will need to hit in order for the parlay to pay off. The potential winnings from a parlay are greater because the risk increases as more bets are added to the ticket. For example, if you put together a three-team moneyline parlay involving LSU, Texas, and Stanford, you would need all three teams to win their respective games in order to receive a payout.

Strategies for Betting the College World Series in Louisiana

Much like betting on Major League Baseball, there are a number of factors to keep in mind when betting on the College World Series.

The main factor you will want to look at is pitching matchups. In college baseball, teams usually have what are called Friday or Saturday starters, and those are the pitchers that tend to pitch in the biggest games. These pitchers will likely be the ones pitching in the College World Series.

However, keep in mind that as the tournament goes on, coaches may have to shuffle through other pitchers. If you’re unfamiliar with a certain pitcher, take a second to look up his season statistics.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose. The elation of winning is often only matched by the rush of chasing the next one. It can be easy to fall into a hole and to feel as though one big win is the answer.

Even those who are considered successful bettors struggle through rough stretches — weeks, months, or even seasons. This thought process can also be applied to sports betting in general.

College World Series Odds FAQ

Do sportsbooks in Louisiana allow betting on the College World Series?

Yes. Louisiana residents are able to place bets on the College World Series. Bets can be placed using mobile sportsbook apps, or in-person at retail sportsbooks partnered with Louisiana casinos. Find the latest LSU College World Series odds HERE.

Is gambling online legal in Louisiana?

Yes! Mobile betting is now live in Louisiana. This means you can bet directly from your phone. However, you do have to be located in one of the 55 parishes that approved sports betting. The nine that voted to not legalize sports betting are Caldwell, Catahoula, Franklin, Jackson, LaSalle, Sabine, Union, West Carrol, and Winn. Bettors in these parishes have to drive to other parishes to place sports bets.

Is it safe to gamble at casinos in Louisiana?

Yes. The casinos are well-staffed, operate securely, and have been running for many decades. Betting at casinos is a common occurrence, and bettors should feel comfortable using them.

Is DraftKings legal in Louisiana?

Yes. The DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app is now available in Louisiana. Bettors can download the app and create an account to start betting today. DraftKings has one of the best mobile betting apps out there, so sports fans should feel comfortable using it.

How old do you have to be to place bets online in Louisiana?

You need to be 21 years or older. This is the legal sports betting age for placing wagers anywhere in the Pelican State.

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