LSU Draft Prospects For 2023 Draft

LSU has been a hotbed of NFL-caliber players for years. Since the first NFL Draft in 1936, there have been 326 LSU players drafted into the NFL. If several players live up to their potential during the 2023 college football season, there will not be a shortage of LSU draft prospects for NFL teams to evaluate.

Tigers’ fans have seen one of their favorite stars taken in the first round in the last four drafts. If analysts are right, there should also be at least one this year.

LSU Draft Prospects: First Round

Kayshon Boutte, Wide Receiver

LSU has a reputation for being DBU (defensive back university). The name has stuck since Sports Illustrated bestowed it on the program in 2020. However, the Tigers may be well on their way to becoming WRU (wide receiver university). An LSU wide receiver has gone in the first round in the last two drafts. Boutte should make it three in a row.

Boutte could easily be the first wide receiver off the board next April. He has excellent hands, the physical tools to catch any ball thrown in his immediate vicinity, big-play ability, and a knack for making things happen after the catch. In 16 career games (11 starts), he has 14 touchdowns (five in 2020 and nine last season).

Overall, his stats are not too impressive, but LSU has struggled to find the right player at quarterback since Joe Burrow left for the NFL. Someone will take him in the first round if he stays healthy this season.

BJ Ojulari, Defensive End

There is no such thing as having too many talented pass rushers in the NFL, and Ojulari could become the next great one to hail from LSU. He has top-notch straight-line speed, an explosive first step off the ball, and the athleticism and natural talent to make plays in various ways. He has shown great flashes of potential over his first two seasons.

Should his game develop enough this season, there is a chance he becomes the first defensive player taken in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Could Either Go No. 1?

The answer to that question is easy—probably not (never say never). Boutte could be the first wide receiver off the board; Ojulari one of the first defenders. However, their odds to go first via DraftKings are +5000, which gives them a 1.96% chance of being the No. 1 pick.

The 2023 Draft is shaping up to be a top-heavy quarterback draft. It will be surprising if anyone other than a QB, or Alabama pass rusher Will Anderson, gets taken first.

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Other LSU Draft Prospects

Jaquelin Roy, Defensive Tackle

Everyone is looking for pass rushers in the draft, and Roy is a good enough pass rusher for someone to select him based on that alone. However, whether he goes in Day Two or Three may depend on if he improved against the run this year.

Ali Gaye, Defensive End

His production doesn’t jump off the stat sheet. But he has all the physical tools and traits NFL teams like to see in a defensive end/pass rusher. That may be enough for someone to take him on Day Three as a development project.

Miles Frazier, Guard

Whether Frazier gets drafted in 2023 depends on whether he can play like he did at Florida International, where he allowed just four sacks in 12 games. If he can have a similar season against the defenses he’ll see in the SEC, he’ll have draft potential. If he does not perform accordingly, he will not get drafted in 2023 because he’ll still be in school.

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