FunzPoints Casino Louisiana Bonus Code & Social Casino Review 2023

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The FunzPoints Casino LA is a perfect option for casual players, offering a range of gaming options that are easy to play. Even if you’re an experienced casino player, you’ll still find FunzPoints an interesting experience, as some of the titles offered are unique and not available on any other gaming platform.

Despite being created as a fun platform, lucky players will still have a chance to earn coins and swap them for actual awards.

From the start, you can choose whether you want to in the standard or the premium format. The latter allows redeeming prizes for earned funzpoints, while the former is entirely for fun. 

FunzPoints Casino is also legal and available in Louisiana.

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FunzPoints Casino Louisiana Promo Code January 2023

You can pay to purchase standard funzpoints, but you’ll also get free premium funzpoints, a currency you can exchange for rewards. Here’s a table that shows how many premium funzpoints you can receive with each purchase.

FunzPoints Louisiana Promo CodeClick to Claim
Standard funzpointsFree premium funzpoints

As you can see, any package of standard funzpoints you purchase will come with 50% additional premium funzpoints. Moreover, all games are unlocked for 30 days after purchasing funzpoints, and you’ll gain access to the trophy room. Purchases also remove ads, which are present in the standard playing mode, as they make a profit for the FunzPoints team. 

In short, as soon as you buy funzpoints, you can switch to the premium mode and start using premium funzpoints for playing games. This will help you earn more premium funzpoints, which you can exchange for real prizes.

You don’t need a FunzPoints Casino Louisiana promo code to get the additional premium funzpoints. In fact, you won’t find any kind of standard FunzPoints Casino LA sign-up bonus on the platform.

Still, this is a pretty lucrative FunzPoints Casino Louisiana promo, as it will significantly enhance your first visit. 


Louisiana is a state which hasn’t legalized online casinos yet, and there aren’t any upcoming changes in that regard. The good news is that social casinos are available in LA, just like in many other states, and FunzPoints Casino LA is a popular choice among players in the Pelican State.

Social gaming is allowed and regulated in Louisiana as long as nobody takes a fee for managing transactions. This, of course, doesn’t include awards to the rightful winners. FunzPoints fits this category perfectly, as it combines online casino gaming and a chance to win exciting prizes.

Five-Minute Guide to Sweepstake Casinos in Louisiana

If you’re new to the world of social gaming, we’ll help you understand how FunzPoints Casino LA works and how to kickstart your online gaming experience on this platform.

How Do Social Casinos Work in Louisiana? 

Social casinos do not use real money for placing bets on games. Instead, you will use so-called funzpoints or premium funzpoints to place wagers. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive additional funzpoints as prizes. You can use these funzpoints to unlock new games, remove ads in games, and unlock Booster games.

The FunzPoints Casino app LA also features premium funzpoints that can be swapped for real prizes. This is similar to many other social casinos, which give you a chance to trade the coins you earn by playing games for awards. Please bear in mind that the prizes you can win this way aren’t as lucrative as in standard online casinos, but they still offer a nice addition to the fun you’ll have while playing games at FunzPoints.

How Does Buying Coins Work at FunzPoints Casino in Louisiana?

Buying funzpoints in the FunzPoints LA app is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

  1. Log in to your account at FunzPoints.
  2. Click the Buy button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select one of the available packages and click on the purple Buy button to the right.
  4. Select a payment method. At this moment, only credit and debit cards are available.
  5. Fill out your card information and proceed with the payment to complete it.

After your payment is confirmed and processed, you’ll receive funzpoints and other benefits for making a purchase on the platform. 

How Does Entry by Mail Work at FunzPoints Casino?

FunzPoints gives you a chance to win free standard funzpoints if you decide to submit your entry by mailing a request. It’s essential to send a mail to Woopla Inc, PO Box 537, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6H4 Canada, and the submission needs to be marked with FUNZPOINTS SWEEPSTAKES. Make sure to enter your name, address, and display name at FunzPoints. 

Your Standard bank will be credited with 1,000 standard funzpoints. Moreover, you will receive ten tickets and 500 free Premium funzpoints.

Make sure to read additional information about entry by mail in the platform’s T&Cs section to get all the details right. 

How Do You Win Cash Prizes by Playing at FunzPoints Casino?

It’s not possible to win cash prizes directly by playing games. Instead, you need to collect premium funzpoints via games and swap them for cash prizes at the rate indicated on the platform. Please remember that you cannot exchange standard funzpoints for cash prizes — only their premium counterparts.


FunzPoints Casino Player Experience

FunzPoints offers a unique player experience, no matter whether you decide to play it on your desktop device or mobile. You can choose between standard and premium play as soon as you log in. You can later change this in just one click.

As a standard player, you’ll not have many games available right from the start, as you’ll need to collect standard funzpoints to unlock them. The premium mode unlocks all games and doesn’t feature any ads.

The entire player experience is gamified, which means you’ll have plenty of things to do and make progress. For example, you can spin the wheel for additional prizes or collect tickets to enter the jackpot competition and test your luck for more lucrative prizes.

Overall, it is fair to call FunzPoints the best sweepstakes site in Louisiana from the player experience perspective.


Types of Games Available at FunzPoints Casino in Louisiana 

If you’re looking for high-quality online casino games in Louisiana, you don’t have to look past FunzPoints, as it features a great collection of unique titles. Most games are online slots, but you’ll find other interesting options, such as keno. Right now, there are 65+ titles available via the platform, but it adds new games from time to time. Some of the most popular titles available at FunzPoints are:

  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • Paintball Keno
  • The Java Cafe
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Maximo the Magnificent
  • Criminal Cash
  • Start Your Engines
  • Buckaroo Bronco!
  • Chase the 8s
  • Game of Crowns

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any table or card games at FunzPoints, so if you’re looking for blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other similar titles in the form of social casino games, you won’t find them on this platform. However, this is common for online social casinos as they focus on slots rather than table games.

Still, FunzPoints offers a generous selection of online casino games in Louisiana, and you aren’t likely to find such a variety of titles on the web if you’re within the borders of LA — at least not legally, as standard online casinos aren’t legalized in LA.

We cannot give FunzPoints the maximum number of points for this section, as we believe that the game portfolio could and should be improved in the future by introducing more games. Still, the current selection offers some of the best slots at Louisiana online casinos.

Purchase Options

FunzPoints Casino Purchase and Redemption Options

Currently, the only available method to purchase funzpoints on the platform is by using a credit or debit card with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express being the accepted brands. However, we also found a piece of information in several FunzPoints Casino Louisiana reviews that you can also use e-banking for purchasing points.

It’s only possible to purchase one of the selected packages offered on the platform. To buy it, just choose a package and enter your card information.

Redeeming your cash is only possible via premium accounts, and the minimum amount you can redeem is 2000 premium funzpoints. 

Unfortunately, the FunzPoints Louisiana app requires additional payment options for purchasing and redeeming points. Other than that, both types of transactions are smooth and fast. Still, we can only give it 3.5/5, as it needs to introduce other options in the future.


FunzPoints Casino Mobile App 4/5

FunzPoints is only available as a browser-based app, but that’s also the case with several other online social or sweepstakes casinos in Louisiana. In other words, the only way to access FunzPoints on the move is by loading it in your Chrome or Safari browser, depending on whether you have an Android or iOS device.

That said, the mobile browser app is optimized to work well on various devices, so you won’t have trouble accessing it on your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, the website offers the full game selection on mobile phones, as well as all the other features, so you’ll have a complete experience no matter the device you use.

Still, not having native mobile apps for Android and iOS is a drawback for FunzPoints, as apps could help developers and designers introduce new features exclusive to mobile players. Hopefully, we’ll see a FunzPoints Casino Louisiana app for mobile phones in the future.

Customer Service

FunzPoints Casino Customer Service

The Funzpoints Casino LA customer service consists of a reliable and knowledgeable team that you can contact via email: [email protected] Alternatively, you can call the support team at 1-877-781-1187.

Sadly, FunzPoints doesn’t include a live chat feature, which is a downside, given that live chats have become the industry standard for contacting customer support.

Is It Safe to Play at FunzPoints Casino in Louisiana?

Take a look at some questions about FunzPoints Casino’s overall safety in Louisiana.

Can I Trust FunzPoints Casino to Pay My Winnings?

It’s safe to say that FunzPoints is a trustworthy and fair online social casino, meaning your prizes will always be paid. Since it’s legal in all states except Washington, FunzPoints has built quite a reputation among players over the years and intends to remain a reputable platform. 

Please remember that the platform might need some time to process your payout request, which may take approximately 24 hours. Moreover, banks need time to process transactions, so you might have to wait for an additional five to ten business days before your funds become available in your bank account. If your funds don’t arrive after that period, contact the customer support team at FunzPoints Casino. In that case, it’s also a good idea to contact your bank to find out if there is a problem.    

Is the FunzPoints Casino App in Louisiana Legit?

What many players often ask before joining the platform is this: is FunzPoints LA legal? The answer is entirely straightforward: yes. FunzPoints is legal in the entire country, with Washington being the only state that officially prohibited this type of gaming (in addition to many other gambling options).

FunzPoints Casino Louisiana FAQ

Can I win real money at FunzPoints Casino?

You cannot win real money directly at FunzPoints Casino, as you’ll use so-called funzpoints as a currency for betting. However, as you play, you’ll also earn premium funzpoints which can be swapped for cash rewards. Therefore, in a way, it’s possible to win cash prizes when playing games at FunzPoints.

How old do I have to be to play at FunzPoints Casino in Louisiana?

FunzPoints allows anyone 18 years or older in the US (except for Washington) to join and play games. 

Does FunzPoints Casino have an iOS or Android App in Louisiana?

FunzPoints Casino is available for mobile devices but only as a browser-based app. Therefore, it doesn’t feature iOS or Android apps, at least not now. Still, the mobile version of the site is adapted for small screens and offers all features and games that are also available on the desktop platform. Therefore, you won’t miss anything if you decide to access FunzPoints on the move. Hopefully, the team behind FunzPoints Casino will develop a native mobile app in the future.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at FunzPoints Casino?

FunzPoints Casino features two main modes of play: standard and premium. If you play in the standard mode, you’ll use the standard funzpoints, which you can obtain every three hours on the platform free of charge. However, you cannot trade these points for cash prizes. Of course, you can purchase standard funzpoints if you want to extend your session and don’t want to wait for the next batch.

The premium mode features playing with premium funzpoints, which you can swap for cash prizes. Even though you might get free premium funzpoints now and then, you’ll have to purchase them in most cases (they are added as a bonus when you buy standard funzpoints) or win them by playing games. 

In what other states can I play at FunzPoints Casino?

FunzPoints Casino is available in all states in the US except for Washington.

How do I get paid from Louisiana’s FunzPoints Casino if I win?

If you collect at least 2,000 premium funzpoints, you can decide to cash them out at the rate suggested on the platform. Click on the Cash Out option in the lower right corner and proceed with the transaction. You won’t be able to cash out all your premium funzpoints since the points you received for free with purchase are restricted. Therefore, only the funzpoints you won when playing games are cashable.

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