FanDuel Louisiana Pre-Launch Bonus Offer Won’t Be Around Much Longer

FanDuel bettors can claim $100 in free bets by signing up for FanDuel before it goes live in Louisiana, but time is running out. New users will receive the free bets in their accounts the day that FanDuel launches. This pre-launch bonus is only available for new bettors who register inside Louisiana. This offer has been live for more than a month, and now the clock is ticking on its availability.

We don’t know yet which day mobile sports betting will launch in Louisiana, but it likely will be before the end of December. Once that happens, this offer will no longer be available. 

Claim your FanDuel Louisiana $100 in free bets pre-launch bonus offer

FanDuel users will be taken to a landing page with the pre-live offer displayed. Users will then go through FanDuel Sportsbook’s verification page to confirm they’re located in Louisiana. After bettors register their accounts and verify their locations, bettors will get a message telling them that their bonus will be in their sportsbook account on launch day. 

So, Louisiana bettors will be able to start out a few credits ahead once FanDuel goes live. However, there are a few more things bettors should know about claiming FanDuel’s $100 pre-launch bonus.

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FanDuel Pre-Launch Terms And Conditions 

Louisiana bettors must be aware of a few terms and conditions before trying to get this $100 free bet bonus. This isn’t $100 in cash that bettors can withdraw and use for something else. Bettors must use the $100 in site credits for sports betting. 

This bonus is also only available to new users. Bettors with existing accounts in other states cannot claim this bonus. Additionally, FanDuel will only award one pre-launch bonus to each eligible bettor. So, bettors can’t create multiple accounts to get multiple $100 free bets. Bettors can’t do that for regular welcome bonuses, either. That’s bonus abuse.

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When FanDuel Louisiana Will Launch 

While retail sports betting has launched at nine casinos in Louisiana, mobile sports betting is well behind. FanDuel Louisiana’s pre-launch bonus offer has been live for more than a month, but its shelf life now is likely less than that.

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