5 Tips For Downloading Louisiana Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting is on its way to Louisiana! Ronnie Johns, chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, told Louisiana Sharp that he expects mobile sports betting to launch in Louisiana in the first week of January

Residents of the Pelican State have been able to make sports bets in person since early in October. Currently, nine retail casinos offer sports betting. 

It is certainly an exciting time to be a sports fan in Louisiana, and that excitement will be enhanced once mobile betting is live in a few weeks.

Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind when downloading mobile sports betting apps.

Step-By-Step Guide

Installing sportsbook apps on your mobile device is a simple process. If you have an iPhone, all you need to do is search for the app you want to use with the App Store. You can install online sports betting apps on your Apple iOS device using the following steps:

  1. Search for the app in the App Store or visit the sportsbook’s website on your iPhone and use the direct link provided. This will begin the downloading process. When downloading apps like FanDuel or DraftKings, be sure to select the sportsbook app and not the Daily Fantasy Sports app.
  2. Accept the app’s geolocation tracking. It needs to confirm that you’re not only in Louisiana but in one of the 55 parishes that allow online sports betting.
  3. Register with the sportsbook by providing basic information to verify your identity. You’ll need to include most of the information on your ID, so make sure everything matches. Bettors in Louisiana must be 21-years-old or older. You will not need to be a Louisiana resident in order to wager with Louisiana sportsbooks. You will also not need to have a Louisiana license to bet in the state.
  4. Set a strong password. We also recommend enabling two-step authentication.
  5. You’ll then have the app downloaded to your phone, and an account created on that sportsbook. You can then deposit your desired amount of funds into your account using a debit card, credit card, or e-wallet such as PayPal.
  6. You are now ready to place bets your bets and withdraw winnings! Don’t forget to look for any promotional offers that may be available.

Android users can do the same with the Google Play store, which now allows gambling apps. However, that is done on a case-by-case basis. Because of this, keep in mind that some apps may not be available for your Android device.

If you can’t find your app on Google Play, you can visit the primary website of your chosen sportsbook, and download the app manually from a dedicated download page.

Either way, downloading mobile sports betting apps are a quick and easy way to get in on the action.

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Consider Downloading Multiple Sportsbooks

Having options in sports betting is never a bad thing. Because of that, consider downloading multiple sportsbooks to your mobile device. We especially recommend doing so if you are new to sports betting. This allows you to browse through each platform to see which one(s) you prefer.

While you are exploring and learning about each sportsbook, you may notice that the odds are can vary from one betting platform to another. For example, the moneyline price on Middle Tennessee in Friday’s Bahamas Bowl is +290 on DraftKings. However, the same bet is listed at +320 odds on FanDuel. This means that a $100 bet would win $290 on DraftKings, but the same wager would win $320 on FanDuel. In this case, if you want to bet on Middle Tennessee to win, it would be more beneficial to use FanDuel, as the payout would be higher. This is another reason why it’s worth downloading multiple sportsbooks. 

A third reason why it’s beneficial to have multiple sportsbooks at your disposal is to claim more bonus offers. These can help add money to your bankroll, which is always a plus when getting started with sports betting.

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Be Sure To Take Advantage Of Bonus Offers

Mobile sports betting is quickly becoming a very competitive industry. In order to try to stand out among the competition, many mobile sportsbooks have bonuses and promotional offers for new users. Here are some notable sportsbooks that are currently offering bonuses to Louisiana bettors who sign up and create an account:

Generally, bonus and promotional offers are only available when registering online. Many offers require bettors to create accounts on mobile apps and deposit money into their accounts before qualifying for the offer. Because of this, claiming sports betting bonuses at retail sportsbooks is not very common. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions for each offer to see if claiming a bonus in person is a possibility.

When registering your account(s), be sure to keep an eye out for any promotions that may be available.

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What To Look For In A Sports Betting App

With a potential of up to 41 sports betting apps in Louisiana, it is expected that some of the top names in the industry will launch in the Pelican State. Each platform has its own unique setup and features, and deciding which ones to use can be a big decision.

Competitive odds and an easy-to-use interface are probably high on the list of what to look for in a sports betting app. Other features to keep in mind include cash-out/withdrawl methods, wide-ranging betting markets, and loyalty programs.

Here is a quick breakdown of some notable features among mobile sportsbooks:

In terms of security, all mobile sportsbook operators in Louisiana have high-quality security methods in place. Sportsbooks are required to establish a liability fund separate from their expenses. This is done in order to ensure the protection of funds for each user. Furthermore, each sportsbook is regulated by an independent entity in each state that establishes strict rules for financial protection. 

In additional security measures, geolocation and identity verification are also used by mobile betting platforms in order to provide customers with the best possible security. Overall, verified and approved sportsbooks offer plenty of protection and peace of mind for bettors.

In Louisiana, mobile sportsbooks will be overseen by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. If you have an issue with any of the platforms, you can notify this organization and seek a legal resolution.

Which apps you decide to regularly use is ultimately up to you, but again, we recommend trying out a few platforms to see which ones you are more comfortable with.

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Stay On Top Of Regular Odds Boosts and Loyalty Program Offers

Along with opening bonuses for new users, many sportsbooks offer daily odds boosts and regular promos as well. For example, DraftKings typically runs daily odds boosts that enhance potential winnings for players. These bets can include something like boosting Saints RB Alvin Kamara’s odds to score a touchdown from +100 to +150.

In addition, mobile sportsbooks run what are called “no-brainer bets.” These usually involve moving the point spread a massive amount in order to make the bet a “no-brainer.” For example, in Week 1 of the NFL season, DraftKings listed the Buccaneers at +73 at -110 odds against the Cowboys. Needless to say, that bet won. These types of bets typically have a max limit, and the limit for this DraftKings promo was $50. But still, a $50 wager won $45.45 without a sweat.

These odds boosts and promos are listed at the top of each sportsbook’s menu, so be sure to keep an eye out for any such promos.

It may also be beneficial to sign up for loyalty programs through sports betting platforms. These are programs that reward regular betting with additional bonuses and promotional offers that may not be available to the general public. This is done to not only reward frequent bettors but to help sportsbooks stand out among the competition. There are rewards for every way you play, so no matter what you bet on, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to win even more.

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